My degree final project consisted in developing a sequence for a movie my classmates and I were working on.

I had the pleasure to work as a character designer, visual developer, color artist, animator and light artist.

I went through all the process of trying to find a style that would represent the idea we had in our head, about how the movie should look. After a lot of discussion we reached an art style we felt comfortable with.

Our character was born with a mark. I was assigned the design of said mark. We were looking for something that reminded of Atlantis but without being too futuristic, and more tribal. Afetr a lot of designs we went for this one.

Here you have the final version of the character.

I also helped design props needed in the sequence we were working on, such as details for one of the environments, or the dagger the main characters carries. And I worked in the visual development of an environment.

When the time came I did some paintovers to help the lighting team.